Alcohol/Drugs at the Camp


Alcohol and Drugs at the RtF and Climate Camp


To those who use alcohol and other drugs and are participating in the camps


During the RtF as well as the climate camp alcohol will be served. Please respect your own personal boundaries as well as those of others.

At the camps there are people who, for a number of reasons, feel uncomfortable to be around people who are under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. For these people there is an alcohol and drug free area in the Infotent. Please do not stay in this area if you are under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Please stay in the front part of the camp-area and be quiet around sleeping tents, also please be aware of how much you drink and stop before you cross other peoples boundaries and/or express molesting behaviour!

If this should happen and you witness any such situation, please interven and/or call other attention to what is happening and get in touch with the awareness-group!

In the Infotent there is information on how to contact them or you can also ask people at the bar.


During the Action Days no alcohol is sold at the bar.

This is in way a prohibition, but a political statement of people who organized the camps.


For the Action Days

We would ask to not consume alcohol or any other (psychedelic) drugs before, during or after actions, nor be under their influences, as we will need all our ability to act during this time. Even when the actions seem to be over they still affect us. We think it is problematic to use alcohol and drugs to cope with situations or in order to “relax” as they have a suppressive effect and do not help to process experiences.

Subconscious suppressions can deepen trauma. If you notice that you are not feeling well, talk about it with your friends, take a break or get in touch with a group that offers emotional support in processing experiences.

We wish for a solidary environment at the camps, in which all fell comfortable and responsible for themselves as well as for others. Be aware of how people around you are doing, ask if they might be in need of support.

Moreover we have to be prepared that there will be incursions by the police on the camp – for thes e situation a clear head can be an advantage.


We hope this part of the organisation is comprehensive and you feel able to participate energetically as well as relaxed in the camps!