Awareness at the Camp

Power structures work permanently and everywhere, often hidden, unreflected and unquestioned. For us, it is important to make power structures a subject of discussion, to oppose them and to support people who are negatively effected by them. That is why there is the Awareness Group. Our aim is that all people can feel comfortable. Therefore, pay attention to the individual boundaries of each other. As every person has his*her personal boundaries, an infringement/ crossing of boundaries happens, when a person finds it to be an infringement. If you experience discriminating/violating behaviour and/or if you feel somehow unwell and wish support, you can contact the Awareness Group. You can also contact us, if you witness discriminating and/or violating behaviour and don't feel capable of supporting the negatively effected person yourself. We work with the principles of partisanship ("Parteilichkeit") and power of definition ("Definitionsmacht"), that means we stand in solidarity with the person that is negatively effected and organize the dealing with the offender / the person that is positively effected according to the wishes of the negatively-effected person. This can reach from a conversation with the offender / the positively-effected person to a an expulsion. For the person that is negatively effected we offer a safer space and the possibility of a conversation. In our group there are contact persons and/or back-up persons who have experiences with the following forms of discrimination / power structures: sexism, homophobia, racism, lookism (discrimination because of someone's look), ageism (discrimination because of age) and specialism (discrimination of people with special needs). We also prepared ourselves for cases of sexualized violence, but if necessary we will organize support from professional advice centers as well. You can recognize contact persons by the pink arm straps or blinking lights. We also have a tent that is clearly marked as Awareness tent and that you can also see on the map. There are also texts etc. to different topics there. We try to offer 2 consultation hours per day there. On our mobile phone with the number 015780411126 you can reach a woman* 24 h daily. There are also English speaking supporters. You can find more about our concept in the program booklet (in German).