Call out for Gardening Tools for the Camps

Soon the camps in the Rhineland will start with a lot of people and lots of colorful workshops, but not enough tools yet for all the amazing things we have planned.

Everything is needed, from watering-can, to big water containers, from hammer and nails to wood for construction, from pickax to wheelbarrow.

Bring your used or old tools to the camp or if you want to bring them beforehand, to the squatted meadow ( near Morschenich, Germany.

Below there is a list with the things we need the most urgent. It does not matter if shafts are broken, pieces are bend or the tools you have are not on the list, we can put every tool to use!

Bring your tools and support the Climatemovement in the Rhenisch brown-coal-fields!!!


Needed tools:

Spades Pickaxes Shovels Rakes Scythes Wheelbarrows

Watering-cans Water-containers Wood Nails Hammers