Information Event in Nijmegen, 19th of June



Op woensdag 19 Juni vind er een informatieavond plaats in Nijmegen over het Rijnlandse bruinkoolwinning gebied, het klimaat Camp en het Reclaim the Fields kamp en de Reclaim Power Tour. Idee is om een groep op te zetten die zich fietsend vanaf Nijmegen aansluit bij de Reclaim the Power Tour in Essen en vervolgens samen naar beide kampen toerijdt.

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On Wednesday, 19th of June, 19.30h, an information event takes place in Nijmegen, Netherlands. Infos about the lignite field in Rheinland, Germany, the Climate Camp and the Reclaim the Fields Camp, aswell as about the Reclaim Power Tour, will be shared.

We want to create a connection from Nijemgen to the Reclaim Power Tour in Essen, Germany, so we can cycle together to the Camps.

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Am Mittwoch den 19. Juni findet ein Infoabend in Nimwegen um 19.30 statt. Es wird Informationen zum Rheinischen Braunkohlerevier, dem Klimacamp und Reclaim the Fields Camp und zur Reclaim Power Tour geben.

Erreicht werden soll, dass es von Nimwegen einen Zufluss zur Reclaim Power Tour in Essen geben soll und wir dann gemeinsam zu den Camps fahren.

Camp 2013


Vom 23.8. bis zum 6.9. 2013 laden AusgeCo2lt und Reclaim the Fields zum einem Aktionscamp im Rheinland, in der nähe von Köln (Deutschland). An drei gemeinsamen Aktionstagen werden wir uns gegen den Tagebau im Rheinland stellen. Darüber hinaus wird es ein Programm von verschiedenen praktischen und theoretischen Workshops, Diskussionen und allerlei mehr geben.

3ème rencontre de la branche francophone du réseau Reclaim the Fields avec le collectif Léopart


3ème rencontre de la branche francophone du réseau Reclaim the Fields avec le collectif Léopar

28 avril au 1er mai 2013

Avignon (84), sur les terres menacées par le projet d'autoroute LEO.


Présentation des rencontres

27 avril 2013 - Avignon, MANIF-OCCUPATION, contre la LEO et son monde !

27 avril 2013 - AvignonMANIF-OCCUPATION !

Contre la LEO et son monde !

Pour la défense des terres agricoles la ceinture verte !

(Suivie de 4 jours de rencontres pour partager et renforcer les occupations)

Départ place Pie 10h et jardin de l'abbaye St Ruf 11h

Contact : leopart**AT***

Calendrier - Time table - Calendario


Salut ! Hola ! Hi !


Après les rencontres à Can Piella, voici un petit calendrier des prochains évènements à suivre.


Bulletin nº6

The Reclaim the Fields bulletins aims at facilitating the information transmission between the stars of the constellation, sharing the latest news and the current state of the process amongst the people or collectives already involved and allowing new people to catch up and join us, having at disposition the necessary background texts and a history of the debates.

Bulletin nº6, February 2013

  • This bulletin
  • Who are we?

Reports and reflections of RtF meeting

  • RtF History
  • Report of the RtF meeting in Torino
  • NO TAV movement
  • Feedback ZAD
  • Word box
  • Children on the RtF camp in Rosia Montana

Visions and imaginaries about RtF and the future of agriculture

  • For who we produce food and why?
  • Why do the FAO and the BERD promote the destruction of familiar and peasant agriculture?
  • A post capitalist farming experiment
  • And what if we would be offensive?


[ZAD, France] Call : Face evictions, the nov. 17th, reoccupation demo !

Notre Dame des Landes

Facing the evictions: Demonstration of reoccupation !

To rebuild - against the airport!

Pitchforks, wooden beams, planks, nails and tools in hand...

Meeting Saturday November 17th in the morning.


About the reoccupation demo

A message from the ZAD ("Zone à defendre," the site of the proposed airport) sent on the 20 October about the resistance to the evictions and the reoccupation demo.

Call for European Assembly on the ZAD 30.08.2012 - 02.09.2012

Next Reclaim the Fields (RTF) European Assembly

On the ZAD of Notre Dame des Landes (France), squat « La Pointe », from august 30th to september 2nd 2012

Call directed to people involved in RtF or similar dynamics, not to be largely posted (i.e. websites, mailing lists)


Take action against GM wheat trials in the UK

On the 27th May groups from Reclaim the Fields in the UK will be joining a large group ofbakers, retailers, food growers, grassroots food campaigners and concernedfood eaters to take action against the current open field trials ofgenetically modified (GM) wheat. We invite you to join us for the day. We support this action because we believe that the trial is unsafe - itrisks contaminating other crops, and the effects on human health and oninsects vital to pollination haven't been properly tested; and unnecessary

Land occupation in Vienna brutally raided

Today, 26th of April in the morning hours the fruitful and multifaceted land occupation in Vienna was raided by a private security company, in the name of the agricultural university - the University of life as they call themselves.8 days of vivid planting, collective life and constructive work were torn to shreds.

The Land, that was already full of plants and seeds as well as containers and huts, glasshouses etc were destroyed by excavators, tractors and caterpillars.

We are raided but we continue our struggle for land!!!

‘No to GM crops, Yes to Food Sovereignty’ - Public teach-ins on April 17th.


 The Community Food Growers Network invites you to a day of public events exploring why Genetically Modified (GM) crops pose a threat to sustainable food production, what the GM industry is doing here in Britain, and how we as ordinary people can support alternative, sustainable and socially just food systems.

Aufruf zur Landbesetzung - 17. April - Tag des kleinbäuerlichen Widerstands 2012 in Wien

Nehmen wir den 17. April, den Tag des kleinbäuerlichen Widerstands zum Anlass, um unsere Vorstellungen einer zukunftsfähigen und sozialen Stadt-Landwirtschaft in die Praxis umzusetzen.
Wir wollen auch in Wien diesen Tag nutzen um die Thematik Zugang zu Land hier und global zu diskutieren und uns konkret Zugang zu Land verschaffen und dieses dauerhaft beleben.
Wir sind gekommen um zu bleiben!

So sind wir Teil der globalen und lokalen Kämpfe um Land und den Landnahmen und vielfältigen Aktionen, die jedes Jahr am 17. April stattfinden.

Turin: Guerilla Gardening against the TAV

Yesterday, the 2nd of March, another sign against TAV was planted in the city of Turin. Around 60 activists from Reclaim the Fields occupied a piece of land between Corso Marche and Corso Francia. In a few hours the letters NO TAV were carved from the earth and seeded with a variety of grains and peach trees. The action took place on common land that will be privatised and demolished if the highspeed train line between Lyon and Turin (TAV) is built.

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