Bollettini nn. 1-4

Here is an Italian version of the first 4 editions of the RtF bulletin:

European Meeting in Turin, Italy — 24th of February to 4th of March

  • 24th to 28th February, 2012 (Reclaim the Seeds gathering)
  • 29th February to 4th March, 2012 (Reclaim the Fields)

Land Occupation in the Forest of Dean, UK


This is a call out for support.

On the 6th January the Forest of Dean Eco village reclaimed an environmental education centre closed by the cuts, we intend to reopen it and run it as a free education space for the local community and beyond.

Transnational Day of Action to Save Rosia Montana


Transnationaler Aktionstag für Save Roşia Montană

Am 1. Dezember fanden in verschiedenen Städten Europas Aktionen in Solidarität mit der „Save Rosia Montana“-Kampagne in Rumänien statt.

Kafeta Agro-Rural

T’incitem a que vinguis aquest divendres dia 2 a la primera Kafeta Agrorural

Aufruf zum transnationalen Aktionstag „Save Rosia Montana“

Wie wir beim RTF-Camp besprochen haben, würden wir gerne am 1. Dezember einen international koordinierten Aktionstag organisieren, um den Widerstand in Rosia Montana zu unterstützen. Wir bitten euch darum, in euren Städten ebenfalls etwas zu organisieren. Wir schlagen den 1. Dezember als Datum vor, da das der rumänische Nationalfeiertag ist, an dem wahrscheinlich in Rumänien selbst viele Aktionen stattfinden werden. Die letzten Aktionen (symbolische Enteignung verschiedener öffentlicher Gebäude) waren ziemlich erfolgreich. Aufgrund der aktuell erhöhten öffentlichen Aufmerksamkeit auf die Mine ist der neue Gesetzesvorschlag zur Bewilligung von Enteignungen durch Goldfirmen zum Glück noch nicht diskutiert worden. 

Call for occupation in La Salamane, Montpellier, France

The municipalities community of the Clermontais is planning to build a commercial area of 70 Ha on agrarian land between la Salamane and Clermont l'Hérault (40 min from Montpellier, France). About 30 Ha are already owner by Système U, a French supermarket chain, to build a gigantic center for storage that has already been classified under the French SEVESO rating as slightly environmentally dangerous.

I. Treffen von RTF Österreich

Am 10. Oktober trafen sich ca. 25 Leute in Wien um eine lokale Reclaim The Fields Gruppe zu gründen. Nach einer kurzen Vorstellungsrunde wurde vom Reclaim The Fields Camp in Rosia Montana, Rumänien berichtet und in diesem Zusammenhang ein weiteres Treffen für den 17. Oktober um 20 Uhr verabredet, bei dem eine Soli-Aktion mit dem lokalen Widerstand in Rosia Montana vorbereitet wird.

2ème assemblée francophones de Reclaim the Fields


2ème assemblée francophones de Reclaim the Fields

Kraken - 28, 29, 30, 31 octobre et 1er novembre 2011

60 international activists occupy Gold Corporation headquarters in Roşia Montană

Today, September 28th, at 12:00 o'clock, approximately 60 international activists taking part in the Reclaim the Fields camp [1], together with the local association Alburnus Maior [2], from Rosia Montana, Romania, occupied and blocked the entrance to the Rosia Montana Gold Corporations [3] headquarters in the village's Old Square. This action was in defiance of the companies continuing attempt to expropriate locals and destroy an area protected by Romanian conservation law.

Notre-Dame-des-Landes : en cas d'expulsion, grande manif de réoccupation !

A l'appel de : Reclaim the Fields + des occupant-e-s de la ZAD

Notre Dame des Landes : Ils veulent vider la zone concernée par le projet d'aéroport... Mais la résistance  s'organise !


International Reclaim the Fields camp joins Rosia Montana against the new Romanian expropriation law

Today, 24 September at 15:00 o'clock, the international participants of the Reclaim the Fields camp [1], together with the local association Alburnus Maior [2], from Rosia Montana, Romania, held a lively street demonstration in the village's Old Square. Local and international people are opposing plans to open Europe's largest open cast gold mine and a proposed new law on expropriation currently being discussed in the Romanian parliament.

Bulletin nº4

The Reclaim the Fields bulletins aims at facilitating the information transmission between the stars of the constellation, sharing the latest news and the current state of the process amongst the people or collectives already involved and allowing new people to catch up and join us, having at disposition the necessary background texts and a history of the debates.


ATTENTION! There are two versions of the english bulletin because of internal miscommunication! The only difference is in layout though, enjoy!


RTF South West Summer Gathering!

Reclaim the Fields South West Gathering

The first gathering for Reclaim the Fields South West will be happening on the weekend of the 6th -7th August in Bristol.

Guerrilla Gardening in Vienna

In 2009 a group of people started to do gardening on unused green-spaces in the urban area of vienna, and to spread out the idea of guerrilla gardening. In spring 2009 there was a small garden established, which was destroyed in summer.

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