From Climate- to Reclaim The Fields Camp

Starting on Friday the 23 August, the third Climate Camp takes place in Manheim, near Cologne. The start of the climate camp was restricted by the requirements of the assembly authority who forbade camping at the meeting. Although the camp is now taking place for the third time, this ban, which is suspended due to the outcome of a final judicial decision, could be prevented by a lawsuit.


This conflict forced the Climate Camp to withdraw to an adjacent private meadow. At the planned location only an information tent and a tech-tent were allowed to remain. The workshop tents had to be removed even though they were not designed as sleeping facilities.


In response to this patronizing by the authorities, a vacant building was occupied in Manheim to acquire more space for the Climate Camp on Saturday. In the occupied building which is located around 500 meters from the camp workshops and lectures will take place. In addition, through the occupation, attention is drawn to the fate of the village of Manheim. Despite not all authorizations for the excavation of the village being granted, resettlement begins. According to the plans of RWE, the village should be bulldozed to make way for the the expansion of their mine in 2017.


Activists of the Reclaim Power Tour came on Saturday to the climate camp and expressed solidarity with the occupation.


Meanwhile RWE accesses the interpretational sovereignty around Europe 's largest source of CO ² with propaganda material. In their 'neighborhood magazine' entitled "Dialogue needs Respect," the anti - coal protest is defamed with outright lies, while the company stylises itself as a pioneer of energy transition. The Climate Camp has realized RWE's strategy to divide 'good' and 'bad' protesters and assured in an initial statement " that the systematic incitement against unwanted protest [..] has reinforced a sense of the cohesion on the climate camp" .


On Tuesday there were already more than 300 activists at the Climate Camp.