Infrastructure: We try to live as sustainable and resource saving at the camps as possible and thus we also try to plan the infrastructure in that manner. Here we list some important parts of the infrastructure. And to all with a passion for construction and tinkering, craftspeople and all others, you are very welcome to help with the infrastructure (planning)! We have drafted a proposal for the camps but we are happy for any proposals or comments!

Compost-toilets: There will be 14 mobile compost-toilets, they were constructed two years ago in a workshop preparing the climate camp 2011. The toilets are made out of parts that can be connected and thus are mobile and can be used at other actions. The wood is organic wood. For the use sawdust, toilet-paper and containers for the poop is needed, that is all.

Eco-showers: This year there was a construction workshop in the Rhineland to improve the Eco-showers which were constructed last year. This year there will be two Eco-showerrooms with three cabins each. The building-material was supplied by a solidary carpenter from the region. The showers are again made out of pieces that can be connected, so that they can be transported easily and lent out to other camps.

Electricity: We will try, as much as possible, to procure the electricity needed at the camp from solar power. As more people are expected than the last years it is possible that we will need to use a generator from time to time. In order to make our electricity use as ecologically friendly as possible and we don't have to abstain from “comforts” there is a working group working on a electricityplan for the camps. There is a plan to build a wind turbine at the camps which will the supply us with energy.

Food: During the camp Rampenplan, a bio-vegan cooking-collective, will cook for us. They will cook with organic ingredients and we try to source those as regional and seasonal as possible and if possible are supplied by solidary collectives. During the camps the idea is to go skipping, so that these food stuffs can be used for cooking as well. There will be fresh bread at the camps ever day as a solidary backer will supply us from his “mobile Bakery”.

Infopoint/Cafe: The infopoint is the place on the camp where all information is brought together. Here you can find an overview of the workshop program, there will be news from the press, communal tasks that need to be taken care of, background information on the Rhineland brown coal fields and a lot more! There will be small snacks (donated from Organic producers), tee, coffee and softdrinks. We try to organize sofas as well as a clothes exchange-corner as well as Zine-Libraries and a book-corner. The cafe should stay clear of cigarette smoke and is supposed to be an alcohol-free space (for more info see the text about alcohol and drugs).

Bar: Here alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks will be served and there will be info stands, we will try to create a comfortable atmosphere here with sofas, chairs and tables. The bar will not be opened 24/7, please refer to the text about alcohol and drugs for more information.

Quiet-tent: This tent is thought as a place of retreat and calm. If possible people should not talk in this tent as to not disturb others who might be in it. It should be kept tidy and clean and is not to be understood as a long-term sleeping place. In the morning Yoga or Meditation rounds will take place here, please leave the tent free for these purposes!

Materials: More information in the call out for materials