Bulletin nº5

The Reclaim the Fields bulletins aims at facilitating the information transmission between the stars of the constellation, sharing the latest news and the current state of the process amongst the people or collectives already involved and allowing new people to catch up and join us, having at disposition the necessary background texts and a history of the debates.

Bulletin nº5, February 2012

  • Who are we?

Outcomes of the camp in Rosia Montana

  • Evaluation of the RtF tools
  • Reflection on the camp in Rosia Montana
  • This spring, headphones are the 'in' thing! (original in Spanish)

Follow-up from local groups

  • Le Sabot: Special Airport Rural Fight! (original in French)
  • Report from the 2nd French speaking gathering

Struggles Against Stupid Projects

  • Nuclear Power Plant Construction in Belarus
  • The Dam Plan in Portugal
  • Protest Against Mining in Turkey (original in German)

Peasant's Struggles Beyond RtF

  • A European M ovement for Food Sovereignty (original in German)
  • Two Songs about the Diggers
  • Going Beyond our Backyards
  • Ecologist Struggles in Turkey

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Multilingual version

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