Take action against GM wheat trials in the UK

On the 27th May groups from Reclaim the Fields in the UK will be joining a large group ofbakers, retailers, food growers, grassroots food campaigners and concernedfood eaters to take action against the current open field trials ofgenetically modified (GM) wheat. We invite you to join us for the day. We support this action because we believe that the trial is unsafe - itrisks contaminating other crops, and the effects on human health and oninsects vital to pollination haven't been properly tested; and unnecessary– to reduce world hunger and decrease the use of pesticides we needequitable systems of food distribution and access to land, and sustainablemethods of agriculture. We will meet at Rothamsted Park, Harpenden, Herts, at 12 noon to sharepicnics, swap seeds, try bread from organic bakers and hear live musicfrom Seize the Day. At 1.30pm we’ll take a 20 minute stroll on publicfootpaths to the trial site where those who wish to can participate inremoving the GM crop. The day will bring together people who oppose GM in the UK with peopleresisting GM in other parts of the world, with voices from Latin America,Asia and Africa sharing their experiences of the social and environmentaleffects of GM crops. This action is for everyone who feels able to help remove the GM crop, andfor those who wish to show their support for them. Families and wearers ofcustomised aprons particularly welcome! How to get there: Frequent trains run from London to Harpenden – thejourney takes 30 mins from St Pancras. A ten minute walk from HarpendenStation gets you to the park. Directions are available at Harpendenstation. See www.taketheflourback.org for more information about the day, and otherways to take action if you can't make it on the 27th.