What to bring?

Sleeping bag, sleeping mat, tent, flashlight, Cash money (for donations to the camp (next ATM is located in Buir)), radios for interpretation (if available to you), personal belongings, materials for childcare, materials you need for facilitating your workshop (if you hold one), seeds, info material for a info-corner, personal medicine (if necessary), whatever you might need apart from this.

This list is just meant to give you an idea about what you might need. Please feel free to bring whatever you want and leave at home whatever you find unpractical!



If you can not find any other solution then to bring your dog to the camp, please take the responsibility to take good care of your animal friend. Please also make sure that the shit of of your animal friend is not laying around the whole campsite.

Realize that actions can be stressful for animals and respect that some people might be afraid or approach you about the behavior of your dog.