Contents include:

  • Who we are
  • Frankly my Dear, I don’t give a Carrot!
  • A Tour of Seeds
  • What if there were more of us?
  • Proposal for an RTF Camp during Nyéléni European Forum 2011
  • Reclaim the Fields Gathering
  • FöldKelte (EarthRise) summer camp
  • Rural Squat Meeting in Monars
  • Collective Farm with the Help of Terre de Liens
  • Terre de Liens, a Tool for Collective Access to Land
  • Overview of Projects in Geneva
  • Action against GMOs in Belgium
  • Peasant struggles yesterday and today: some elements for understanding
  • An agricultural vision from within Reclaim the Fields
  • ”Money makes the world go around…”
  • Transhumance
  • English lyrics of THE song
  • Joyful small advertisements

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