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Reclaim the Fields European Assembly 2015

RTF Assembly Web
About Reclaim the Fields

Please update yourself on the functioning, process and previous discussions of the RTF constellation before the assembly:


First of all thanks that you have registered, if you know about friends that haven’t done so yet, please urge them, thanks!

Register here:

When and where to arrive:

Meet us to be able to welcome you at Sumac Centre, Nottingham – map:

The first day (Thursday 8), we’ll have dinner at 7pm, like the other days. Afterwards we’ll take a time to introduce how we -as preparation group- propose to work during the assembly (in terms of facilitation, group agreements, timing, translation, …). After that we’ll start introducing stars (collectives, struggles, … ) of the RtF constellation.

[ if you arrive during the day, no worries, you will be able to help us out to further set up things, and get involved in a ‘star hunt’ to get to know each other]

We would like to invite everyone to think of a way you prefer to introduce your star/struggle (picture/movies can be nice, we’ll have a beamer). A question that might help you to think on how to do this might be: “How do you see your link with RtF?”  
remember :) Reclaim the Fields is a constellation of people and collective projects willing to go back to the land and re-assume the control over food production.)

What to prepare (for the following days)

A proposal of the meeting’s timetable can be found here, to have a better idea about content.

On Friday there will be ‘discussion’ groups on the following themes:

  •  Reformism and Radicality in the food sovereignty /access to land movements.
  •  The ‘alchemy’ of social change: how can we bridge the rural-urban divide
  •  Access to land

We invite you to prepare a little bit and, for the discussion you’re interested in, to bring infos about your local context / experience.

On Sunday we will be discussing proposals where the next assembly/camp might take place. So great if you can check within your groups/collectives beforehand if you want to make a proposal

We also invite you to bring ideas for the evening time: movies, games, music (if you know band that want to come and play, let us know! If you have DJ or other talents, bring
the stuff needed) – it could be nice to think of games, dynamics that you did/use within your star/network

What to bring:

  • Don’t forget your sleeping bag and mat
  • Feel free to bring food to donate to the kitchen collective Veggies.
  • If you have any special dietary requirements (besides being Vegan), please let us know.
  • There is internet access. For helping us to type notes and so on, it could come handy if you bring a laptop.
  • Bring info-material about your projects/collectives, about struggles happening in your region, zines, or whatever you want to share
  • Bring seeds to share and swap

Disabled Access
The Sumac Centre has a level access entrance at 73 Beech Avenue (behind the centre). There is a disabled access toilet.

People who bring alcohol to the gathering that were hoping to share it/sell it will need to speak to the Bar Group (for the bar that runs at the centre on Friday and Saturday.)


  • There is a kid’s box with various things e.g. toys, books. (but please bring along any of their other favourite toys)
  • We are able to allocate you in a ‘child-friendly’ house if that would better fit your needs.

Travel reimbursements:

As you read or not, we will be able to reimburse travel costs if you need them, this will be done in cash during the gathering.

Donations for Food

We are suggesting a donation of £5 per day for all your meals & drinks. The cost will be spread on a collective basis anonymously, if this amount is not possible for you.

We will also happily accept any donations towards Reclaim the Fields activities :)

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