Update 06.01.2016

In two weeks we will see each other in Freiburg! We have for you some informations about content proposals and logistics. Please read this mail carefully because we want to prepare everything according to your needs and interests.

Content proposals

We prepared a list of topics which we can discuss during the meeting. Some of them are proposals from Carrots and some are proposals sent through the registration form. We would like to know before the assembly what do you think about it and witch topics are the most interesting for you so please take some time to think about it and give us feedback. Of course we will talk about it during assembly as well but the more information we will have before the better we will prepare it.

Remember it’s not a fixed program. There are only proposals we still need to discuss.

Proposals around Reclaim the Fields network:

– RtF history

– evaluation of last year

– regional groups meeting time

– discussion about bulletin

– discussion about finances

– presentation of the webtools (crabgrass, rtf website)

– RtF Camp and next assembly

– presentation of the stars

Proposals for discussions:

– GMO struggle in Switzerland and rest of Europe

– Sustainable collective farms: exchange of experiences

– Ways to support each other and repression in our struggle

– Presentation of Bure, Wentland, Hambacher Forst

– Agriculture and migration

– Gender issue in agriculture

– G20 in Hamburg: bringing agriculture questions; (and COP23 and 24)

– Access to land

– How to build a network among engaged rural communities

– Independent seeds bank network


Other activities:

– Visit of CSA projects in Freiburg

– Party (solidarity party with comrades from Poland)

– Workshop: mashroom DIY production

– Workshop: how to cultivate micro-organisme

– Seed exchange

– Workshop on internet security (one day before the assembly)


We are waiting for your feedback and we invite you to support facilitation of the meeting.



– When we start?

We expect to start the meeting on 18th of January after lunch. The social center that hosts us it is booked from 17th to 22nd of January, so it would be good if you can arrive on 17th or the latest on 18th before lunch. Information about KTS and how to find the place you will find in the invitation text: http://reclaimthefields.noflag.org.uk/?page_id=1385

– What to bring with you?

The accommodation is planned in few spaces. Most of us will stay in KTS but there will be also place in house projects. Remember to take with you sleeping mats and sleeping bags.

You are welcome to come with seeds to share as well as any kind of flyers, zines and other materials.

– Transport

If you are coming by car and have some free seats or you are looking for transport, we invite you to contribute or check the pad about car-sharing: https://mensuel.framapad.org/p/orga_repas

– Special needs

If you have any special needs about food, accommodation, language etc. please contact us by mail: contactrtf@riseup.net


Update 20.12.2016

In one month the European Assembly will start in Freiburg. It’s the moment to start thinking about content and plan your travel. You can check the invitation on the website and there you can also find the Registration Form (very important to fill asap), where we encourage you to make proposals for the content. It is really importat to have this information early so that we prepare the agenda according to your interests and needs.

We expect to start the meeting on 18th of January after lunch. The social center that hosts us it is booked from 17th to 22nd of January, so it would be good if you can arrive on 17th or the latest on 18th before lunch.

We would like to invite you to take part in the facilitation of some sessions. If you are interested you can join the facilitation meeting which will take place on the 18th at 10:00am.

Workshop on basic internet security

It will be a practical workshop on internet security and other online tool, with some views on security culture. It will last about 4-5 hours. Please bring your devices if you have (laptop-smartphone-USB-ecc). It’s directed to beginners, but all levels are welcome! you will learn how to use some of the tool that allows secure comunication (TOR, GPG, ecc) in very easy way (no geek) but it will also possible to install linux on your computer (if it’s the case please bring it empty), or answer to other informatic questions. If you have specific questions or if you want to do something specific on your device, please send it to the email below, so we can organize it. The workshop will take place on 17th of January. It will start at 14:00 or after lunch and will continue untill 20:00 or dinner. It’s _necessary_ to register, so if you are interested in joining, please send an email to this temporary address: pohskrow [at] riseup [dot] net, so we’ll know how many people will come. TAGS: tor, gpg, tails, pidgin, xmpp, enigmail, icedove, private comunication, secure chat, privacy.

More info very soon!

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