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2021 RtF Assembly Location

Greetings, from the carrots of 2020!

We are three people, so far, motivated as hell, to organise in order for a European assembly to take place in the beginning of 2021! During the assembly in Amarauna a lot of subjects regarding RTF’s structure were thoroughly discussed, as you will see by reading the minutes/bulletin 15.

For the preparation of this assembly, the people in the group want to propose something a bit different from what happened the previous years. We have previously worked around a somewhat rigid structure line (with working groups, assemblies, camps, strategies, etc.) that we tried above all to maintain, and that was eating up a lot of our time together. Instead, we want to propose a time and place to meet, exchange around our struggles, our knowledge, ideas, and see what comes out of it.

We’ll make this idea more precise as we go, but so far the important information that we want to pass on is:
-you can get in touch with us via the address
-if people want to join the group to help us prepare the assembly, you are more than welcome.
-we have a few ideas and proposals about places to contact, but nothing firm so far. So, if you know a place that can accommodate a winter meeting, perhaps if you even live in such a place, thank you for letting us know by June 30ty at the latest. If there are links with local struggles or land occupations, even better.

That’s all for now, we’ll let you know about what happens moving forward.
Take good care of yourselves, and of others!
The 2020 carrots 🙂

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