Reclaim the fields Camp 2011

21.-30. September, Rosia Montana in Romania

Food, land, seed, water and indigenous knowledge are too important to be commodified or centralised in the well-known capitalist way. We resist the logic of making profit of our ways of life. We are working on and already practicing a consensual way of peasant life and alternative ways of living and farming together. Therefore we Reclaim the Fields!

We declare our solidarity with the people in Rosia Montana who have defended their land for 10 years against criminal corporate land grabbing, robbery and exploitation. Rosia Montana is a village in the Apuseni Mountains in Romania, under threat of being destroyed by a gold mining project in the name of profit. There are many other fights for access and control around land throughout Europe and elsewhere, and many stories to tell and experiences to share.

If you are or dream of being a peasant, urban gardener, sustainable fisher, bee keeper, activist, … then join us at the 3rd Reclaim the Fields Camp which will take place in Rosia Montana from 21 st to 30 th September 2011. We want to create a common space together, share experiences and realities, exchange skills and knowledge, make the movement grow, put our energies together, reinforce local movements and struggles, find the links between each other and other anti-capitalist and anti-colonialist movements, celebrate our stuggles together. Let us spread the seeds of resistance and grow this camp together!

During this camp we will hold the General Assembly of Reclaim the Fields, to hear updates from campaigns over the last two years and look ahead to the future of the constellation. We will also create opportunities to learn about access to land and food sovereignty, and make real plans and exchanges of seeds, ideas for direct action, resistance, agricultural practices, gender issues…

The program is participative and will involve a large variety of workshops, practical activities, cultural events and most of all, time to get to know each other to share and learn. We depend on contributions by all participants, so if you want to hold a workshop, if you are an artist, a collective, or have other skills you want to share, contact us and contribute to the richness of the camp. The kitchen and the logistics of the camp are organized collectively. You will be a part of the camp as it happens. We want to hold this camp as a children-friendly space. Childcare will be organized collectively so that every person can be able to participate as he-she pleases. We will ask for donations, but people who have difficulties coming to the camp for financial reasons, can contact and we will try to find financial support to make your coming possible.

Check out for more info and register as soon as possible.


More infos about Rosia Montana :

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