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Contents :

Feedbacks from the european assembly

important informations                                                         p. 3

Updates from thematic groups and working groups              p. 4
GMO struggles in Swiss & other countries                           p. 6
Workshop ‘effective microorganism’                                     p. 7
Workshop website                                                              p. 9
Repression and ways to support each other                        p. 10
Presentation of stars                                                           p. 11
Visits Backhaus + Gartencoop + Luzernenhof                    p. 14
Discussion about the camp                                                p. 16
Mushrooms workshop + RtF francophone + Discussion about seeds p. 17
Solidarity seeds                                                                p. 19
Next steps                                                                       p. 20
Presentation about répression in Pologne                          p. 21
Evaluation                                                                        p. 23
Mushrooms workshop                                                     p. 24
RtF International + Ecotopia Biketour + RtF sitting on tractors against TTIP                                                                               p. 27
Intergalactic Caravan                                                       p. 28
GMO solidarity                                                               p. 31
Group Lupin                                                                    p. 32
Read Rhizome                                                                 p. 33
Solidarity actions for food sovereignty network in Syria    p. 34
Agenda                                                                           p. 36

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