People are welcome on the site from 6pm on Friday evening.

If you would like to come before this time, please get in touch to be part of the site crew developing the site ready for the camp.

Directions to the Site

Borras & Holt Community Protection Camp is at Borras Rd, Borras Head, Holt, Wrexham LL13 9TG

Please note there is NO parking available at the site. We highly encourage you to cycle, walk or take the bus. Parking is available in the villages of Borras or Holt (one mile walk) however we would like there to be as few cars as possible to limit the impact on the communities. We will be organising shuttle minibuses from Boras, Holt and Wrexham throughout the gathering.

The nearest train station is Wrexham.

For cheap travel in the UK we recommend using services like the Megabus or National Express.

We will be setting up a liftshare page for the gathering.

If you are part of a local group and would like to organise collective transport please let us know:

What to Bring

  • Food and other donations to help support the camp
  • A tent, or alternative, or materials to build a temporary structure with (i.e. a place to sleep) and whatever you need for a comfortable nights sleep
  • A torch, bowl, plate, mug & one set of cutlery
  • Banner making materials, megaphones or anything else useful for the days of action
  • Plants & seeds to swap or donate to the development of the site
  • Info on your project or ‘star’ that you can share

Please note the camp would like to request that:

  • People completely limit any packaging or non recyclable rubbish when they come. What comes with them must go with them including recyclable items.
  • People are strongly encouraged not to bring or use gas as it is an anti fracking site attempting to stop gas extraction.

Food & Donations

We are currently costing-out how much we will ask as a suggested donation toward the gathering.

Food is likely to be about £5 per day, however we will post more accurate information shortly.

No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

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