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The  assemblies happen every year during winter. Generally they bring together people active in RTF constellation, but everybody is welcome. It’s about meeting and exchanging information amongst the stars and local groups since last year, exchanging and debating on themes that matters to us across Europe and beyond, seeing where we are at with our European Reclaim the Fields constellation (what was decided last year, for what results, what we need to do to continue, and what future plans we have) and offering support to the local group that hosts the meeting.

Every two years there is an international camp, where people from around Europe and beyond meet together to support a local struggle (from gold mining in Romania to open cast coal mining in Germany, for example). People share stories and ideas about resistance and reclaiming our food system beyond national borders. The aims of the camp are to support local communities, to demonstrate the interconnection between these struggles and to inspire and radicalise everyone involved.

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