Here is an attempt to summarize the results obtained from the two forms sent out last year with the idea (certainly too ambitious) to make an update of where RtF stands :

On what has been done, why, on the desires of what should be done, on what works, what does not work, on our motivations for forms or actions …

We also wanted to take a kind of photography of RtF : to have an idea of who makes up the constellation, to see if it’s questioning us, to see what we can do with it …

The original idea was to have these data available before the european assembly of 2020, to be able to bring some elements of reflections on the future (and the usefulness of RtF).

We weren’t many (2 exactly at the end) to carry this project, not necessarily as available as we would have liked, and therefore, like often in large projects, we did not meet all of these objectives.

The use of this data in the assembly was notably not possible because the results arrived a week before the event, and in a raw form that hardly anyone could used (no translation, small tables everywhere … etc).

So here we are, late, and out of time, but still, we will attempt to present these results in a synthetic way, because 26 people spent time responding to one of the forms, and ten to the other. And that if it was not used for this year’s discussions, it could still be used for a future one!

This is not at all a rigorous statistical analysis of results, firstly because the sample is really very small (26 people on a network of at least 400 people (number of people registered on the mailing lists)) and certainly not representative. Secondly, I no longer remember how we did it (and the only memory of the stat lessons I have left is to have demonstrated that statistically an egg is quite comparable to a parallelepiped, and that from that moment on, I had decided never to blindly believe statistical results again.) So it’s more of a commentary on the results and the questions it raises for me.

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