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  • This bulletin
  • Who are we?

Reports and reflections of RtF meeting

  • RtF History
  • Report of the RtF meeting in Torino
  • NO TAV movement
  • Feedback ZAD
  • Word box
  • Children on the RtF camp in Rosia Montana

Visions and imaginaries about RtF and the future of agriculture

  • For who we produce food and why?
  • Why do the FAO and the BERD promote the destruction of familiar and peasant agriculture?
  • A post capitalist farming experiment
  • And what if we would be offensive?


  • Bike caravan
  • Yorkley court community farm
  • News from the ZAD: the evictions and reconstructions
  • No eviction of Can Piella!

Call out

  • Next European assembly: Can Piella
  • Fracking in Denmark

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