Throughout the camp there will be demonstrations & actions against companies involved in the construction of the North Wales prison, as well as local fracking-related targets.

Please note neither Reclaim the Fields or Borras Community Protection Camp is not legally responsible for any of the actions that take place over the period of the camp. All actions will be undertaken by non-affiliated, independent affinity groups and individuals.

Below are some answers to commonly asked questions:

How can we find out information in advance that can help us plan actions?

  • The location of the prison itself is Wrexham Industrial Estate, LL13 9QA.

If you have any specific questions that are needed in your research or planning, you can also email

We highly recommend using PGP encryption as this is not a safe email address (e.g. it is most likely read by the authorities). You can download our public PGP key here: RTF Key


How will actions be organised?

  • Actions will be organised by small affinity groups – these are groups that you form yourselves with people you trust. You set your own goals of what you would like to achieve and your own limits about what you are prepared to do together. We highly recommend that you plan actions before the gathering with your own affinity group. For more info about affinity groups & why people organise in this way visit:
  • Actions will also be organised by existing local groups. These people may not know each other fully but may have enough trust to plan actions and demonstrations. Their are already local groups organising against the prison industrial complex in the UK. Contact your nearest to see what you can organise together. See a list of them here:


What if I don’t have an affinity group or know anybody else interested?

  • The camp will be an opportunity to get to know people over the weekend who you may like to work with. There will be tons of actions planned that are open to everyone, such as publicly-announced demonstrations. You are extremely welcome and everyone’s energy and contribution is valued.


Will I get arrested?

  • The camp organisers have no control over whether people get arrested or not during actions. However we will;
  • Organise actions that are ’safer‘ with a lower likelihood of arrest, for example leafleting on Wrexham highstreet. We want everyone to be able to participate in this camp and understand that many people cannot risk getting a criminal record because of work, caring responsibilities and so forth.
  • Host know your rights and legal workshops so you feel informed and prepared.
  • Commit to organising post-arrest support for anyone that does get arrested e.g. fundraising, collections from police stations etc.
  • Provide as much legal information as possible in advance of the camp so people can feel more prepared.


How can we organise actions safely?

We highly recommend reading information on security practices. One of the best resources is the Activist Security handbook that you can read here:

More links will be uploaded shortly.


What if I can’t get to the camp? Can I still organise an action?

We highly encourage de-centralised actions against the mega-prison in solidarity with the camp.

You can find a detailed list of targets around the UK and organised into regions here:


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