to prepare discussions and reflections dedicated to the 10 or 11 years at the next European RTF meetings, we have made some questionnaires.

In this questionnaire, we try to understand who is part of the rtf constellation, with which involvement, and if rtf provides enough support to people who participate to it directly or indirectly.

We try also too to make visible the diversity and/or the homogeneity that make up rtf, to look at the mechanisms of domination that can be repeated in the constellation in the purpose of counter them more efficiently in the future.

In view of the vulnerabilities and relationship dominations that it can bring to light, this survey will necessarily be anonymous and each answer is optional.
Data processing will serve as a critical basis for future discussions. If you are interested in this topic, keep in touch.
(We are aware that the situation of the one.s and the others reflect structural mechanisms without necessarily any link with the experiences and feelings of each one).

for any questions, comments, or proposal : send a mail to contactrtf(at) and put ’11 year’ in the subject

See you soon !

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