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Contents include:

  • Reclaim the Fields Gathering, 13th of March – 18th of March, Grow Heathrow, UK
  • Stars in the constellation — RtF Projects in Europe
  • Report of the French RtF Gathering in Dijon
  • Collective Farms: We are building up a network of free spaces
  • Compost Sexism and Gender
  • The access to land working group: directions and a call for contributions
  • A critical analysis of Tierre de Liens
  • About special beets, turnips and squashes…
  • The Song « Battandzu »
  • Next Reclaim the Fields Camp(s): Summary of 3 location proposals
  • A community fights on against the invasion of the bulldozer empire…
  • PEDAL — 100 days to Palestine: A call-out to RtF
  • Building a European movement for food sovereignty: Call to Nyeleni Europe Forum and Camp, in August 2011, Austria
  • Another Call for Nyeleni

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