Contents include:

  • This bulletin
  • Who are we?

Process and Notes of RtF

  • News about Tools and working groups
  • Infokiosk RtF – Where are we going
  • Feedback Gathering Can Piella
  • CROAR – links – Somonte
  • Seeds Resistance

Central Theme: News from the Stars

  • Pillage in Greek Lands
  • FLEO Occupation – Avignon
  • Toma la Tierra
  • Moinho – Portugal

Articles from the Milky Way

  • The String Game
  • Popular Power and self-management
  • Create Renewables

Call outs

  • International Degrowth-Conference 2014
  • Ausgeco2hlt + Reclaim the Fields Action Camps
  • How is lignite-mining connected to Reclaim the Fields

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