We are preparing a time dedicated to the 10 or 11 years at the next European RTF meetings. We have therefore prepared questionnaires!

With this survey, we would like to have a vision of what we are doing and what we expect in a constellation such as RtF.

The goal is not to make mathematical conclusions for the movement, but having materials to feed into debates and discussions about the perspectives we would have together.

A first session of discussions will take place at the next European meetings around the answers to these survey (and we won’t hesitate asking help to facilitate discussions to people interested in a topic or another. If you’re interested, please tell us, or we’ll look for you:!).

We hardly try to make this questionnaire online, but failed… so if you didn’t receive it by mail,
thanks to copy and answer to all those questions on a document and send us to contactrtf(at)riseup.net, with ’11 year questionnaire’ in the subject

The questionnaire :

Who are you ?

A presentation to tell from where are you from ? , what are you doing, what are your links with RtF (e.g., what brought you to RtF, what do you find in it, what you bring to it, what do you miss in it, what took you away from it…)?

Visions of RtF: being or becoming a political force again?

What do you think RtF priorities should be for the next few years?

Classify the following proposals in order of priority.

– Bring people back to the countryside
– Access to land/liberate land from financial markets
– Ideal of small collective farms, cooperatives, autonomous/ food production outside productivist and/or merchant logic
– Defense of peasant seeds
– Struggle against authoritarianism and every hierarchies and dominations
– Organize ourselves with other food producers at the scale of a territory, peasant solidarity
– Share realities and visions on a European scale, and transnational solidarity
– Take part in struggles (peasant, against big projects, …)
– Have a radical anti-capitalist agricultural position :
– Connect with other activist networks (such as: …)
– Others :

For the 3 first priorities you chose, please answer to the 3 following questions :

– what do you think about this question? What are the problems associated with it?

– what are you/we already doing (or have done) on these topics?

– what proposals would you make to respond to them individually and collectively

RTF Process

Until now, Rtf chose a way to function which regularly finds itself confronted with the same difficulties :
– having agricultural activities and militant activities (in terms of availability, risk-taking,…),
– the desire to organise ourselves at European and local levels (through tools such as the bulletins, European meetings, the website, thematic meetings and local groups?)
– the fact of being a constellation (with the questions of turnover, commitment, flexibility, visibility that goes with it)

What individual or collective proposals could change this situation?

What are you ready to do to change that?

What do you think we could give up on these operating principles?

Do you see any other reason why we’re having trouble making the constellation more efficient?

Do you have anything else to share on Rtf, its existence, the last ten years?

One more question:
Would you be motivated and available to come to a “reunion” for the 10 years and more of Rtf? (party, …) And to help organize it?

Thank you so much for participating in this exercise!

for any questions, comments, or proposal : send a mail to contactrtf(at)riseup.net and put ’11 year’ in the subject

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