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Decisions made in assembly on 4th of October


Notes taken on the Sunday 4th October at the plenary assembly of Reclaim the Fields camp – Cravirola farm « le maquis », Minerve, France


This is not a report of the various workshops which took place during the camp but some tracks of discussions and actions to be led in the future. Various groups quickly met themselves to make propositions for the continuation of the camp (every evoked proposition received the approval of all or a part of the assembly ready to make a commitment for its realization).


Proposals for the future of the movement, approved at the assembvly of Sunday 4th of October in Cravirola :


  1. next camp + next common actions :
    1. organize an other camp in 2010 (people from Hungary will tell us in two months if it’s realistic to organize it in their country)
    2. organize common and decentralized actions on access to land on April 17th, 2010
  2. Local networks:
    1. create informal working groups at the local level, these groups are autonomous
    2. inform about what happened at the camp 2009 at the local level
    3. create lists e-mails for the local groups
  3. Web :
    1. improve, make live the already existing site RTF
    2. create a mailing list with the e-mail addresses grouped together during the camp
    3.  agenda, page where we share actions, projects
  4. Land occupation :
    1. inquire on the past and present movements of occupation of land before occupying lands
    2. list the collective projects or the farmers who look for people
    3. list the abandoned lands
    4. list the tools / means to buy lands

Þ create a workgroup on these subjects

Þ create a group of land squatters(for example 1 day of squat everywhere in Europe)

  1. Policy : too vast, no proposition but a reminder so that we speak about it again
    1. technical and political training for the young people
    2. how to emphasize the collective initiatives
    3. subject of the access to land to be specified

Þ reflection to be led by thinking about the values which gather us (friendliness, anticapitalism, etc.), reflection to be led during the next meeting

  1. Urban Agriculture : it is not a question of creating groups of solidarity in the cities which buy ” peasant baskets ” but to participate to increase the number of farmers in Europe.
    1. local Groups to be made sensitive: popular education on the urban gardening to contribute to the food autonomy
    2. invite the other social movements to participate in the next camp
    3. make sensitive the urban general public: value paesant’s profession, encourage to become a paesant
    4. speak about the land tax ( = foncier ?)

Þ means: family / popular gardens, demonstrations, distribution of seeds, create a popular university, etc.

  1. Education: continue to set up the network of farms for the political and technical formation of the young people in Europe in agriculture.
  2. Work with public authorities: that can be useful.


Other informations : the group which organized the camp will meet the end of November or the beginning of December for a debriefing and will organize a meeting in January which will be opened to most large number to make live the movement being born (specify the propositions made during the camp, organize the movement, the communication between the groups, the concerted actions, etc.).

This post is also available in: Français (French) Español (Spanish) Euskara (Basque)

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