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Call for European Assembly on the ZAD 30.08.2012 – 02.09.2012

Next Reclaim the Fields (RTF) European Assembly

On the ZAD of Notre Dame des Landes (France), squat « La Pointe », from august 30th to september 2nd 2012

Call directed to people involved in RtF or similar dynamics, not to be largely posted (i.e. websites, mailing lists)


After the camp in Romania in september 2011 and the european assembly in Torino in february 2012, we invite all people involved in the constellation to come and continue the RTF adventure. We are planning 4 days of reflexions and exchanges that would mix feedbacks, analyses and outcomes on everything that has been done: actions and coordination tools (bulletins, websites, commissions, …). During these days, time would be taken in order to discuss themes around our identity, our bases, our struggles, our practices… From there, a day would be dedicated to RTF’s projects and perspectives, in particular the option of a future european camp in 2013. So as to optimise this gathering and to concentrate on bottomline questions, no direct actions are planned during these 4 days.

We propose the following program :

D-1 (august 30th) Welcome

One day will be dedicated to welcome people who haven’t yet participated to RTF assemblies and for participants meeting, with a presentation of different stars of the constellation, their places, initiatives and struggles. It is important to share what is RTF in welcoming new people in order to give everyone the chance to fully participate in the assembly, and this time should not be taken over reflexion days. All logistical aspects will also be finalised during this first day (food, sleeping, translation, collective validation of the timetable and program…)

D-2 Bottom line debates on imaginaries inside RTF

This day should allow us to discuss in small groups what imaginaries we carry in the RTF constellation (land squatting, free seeds, collective agriculture, produce and fight…). It seems important to us that we allow time to go further in constructing a commum political consciousness in all its biodiversity, and to let new struggle perspective arise. These discussions are of course opened but it seems important that the people/groups who want to discuss a theme prepare it so as to ease the debates. Starting and animation of the discussions could be made on a existing text or a text we wrote as well as on passed or ongoing struggles.D-3 Feedback on actions lead in the constellation It seems important to us that we look back on the construction and life of the constellation in the past 4 years, and to take stock on the actions whether they are completed, aborted or in stand by. The objective being to confirm which projects we find pertinent and exciting and which projects we can handle. This retrospective work would be a starting point to think about and open new perspectives in the constellation: coordination tools, ways such a network could support existing struggles and carry on new struggles.

D-4 Perspectives

Since the arising of the constellation, the network got constructed and allowed a common political imaginary to be put in place, collective functioning bases to be set (assemblies, camps, bulletins, ), links between individuals, groups and projects to strengthen, and various actions and struggles to take place. This work appears to be the basis of a network construction. It seems important to questions the perspectives offered by the constellation existence: do we want to keep on being a compilation of places, practices, struggles? Do RTF wants to be a forum for people seeking inspiration or a space to closely collaborate in order to hold offensives? Isn’t the convergence forum form limiting in itself? What else do we want to commonly promote and how?This meeting is aimed to be opened, but is planned for people who want to go further on these questions. The program is ambitious and needs preparing from people and groups willing to come (discussions, analyses and proposals). It seems important to us to be there on the morning of the first day, a text compilation is available in order to get familiar with RTF’s atmosphere.

Practical aspects :

In order to ease the organizing process, it is necessary to make inscriptions by emailing rencontres-rtf(AT) with: the number of people coming, where you are arriving from and if you can share rides, the number of days you will stay, and the discussion themes you would like to impulse. For people coming from far away and/or having money issues to come, we think it is interesting to gather money by every possible mean (specific support events, free-toll operations on highways…). Please mention if you need financial help in your inscription mail. On site, participation for food and logistics will be based on free donation.

If you want to get involved in preparing the meeting, to give an hand, or to participate in facilitation in the assemblies, that’s great!!! please email us and try to be on site at least 2 days before the beginning.


To come, “la Pointe” is on the ZAD of Notre Dame des Landes, NorthWest of the city of Nantes. From NANTES when you are on the ring road, follow the direction “VANNES, ST NAZAIRE”. After a few kilometers get out of the ring road following “FAY-de-BRETAGNE, Le-TEMPLE-de-BRETAGNE, CORDEMAIS ». Keep on following « FAY de BRETAGNE ». « La Pointe » is on the left, a few hundred meters away from the circuit automobile on the way to FAY de BRETAGNE.



You can of course come with your children, an organisation with be planned to take care of them. We invite you to let your dogs at home, rather than in a car on site.


It is possible for those who want, to stay longer in order to discover the ZAD and to participate in different works.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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