47506Inside and outside of Reclaim The Fields there is lots of nomadic people – including some of us – traveling in a variety of ways. Often, the connection between travelers and land rights isn’t made and for this reason settled and nomadic people aren’t connected as well as they could be. The newly established RTF nomads working group aims to help bridge this gap in a mutually beneficial way.

We have identified problems with existing systems connecting farms with travelers which we would like to overcome by honest and deep exchanges of knowledges, matching skills and needs as well as resources. We aim to do this in a variety of ways including a website, a digital message board, publications and encounters.

They talked about making wwolfing more open/accessible (also in other countries).
There was also the idea of a farms network that can be resource for nomadic people (to know different radical projects) as well as resource for projects asking support when they need it : to see it more as an exchange of skills (away from woofing idea of having farmers with all the knowledge and travelers with no knowledge going there to get it).

By looking at already existing networks & what they facilitate for people, it appeared that what is needed is not existing yet. Our proposal to have a tool with little administration, where people can show their projects & nomads can show their skills.

If you are interested please contact us at nomad@lists.reclaimthefields.org

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