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Climate Camp in the Rhineland Coal Fields (Germany)

Call Out to the Climate Camp in the Rhineland Coal Fields 07. – 17.08.2015


How to stop Climate Change:

1| Come to the Climate Camp:

(Climate) Camps are the heart of the climate movement. There will be workshops, action trainings, discussions, building windmills, music. Here we breathe the sweet scent of change and feel that we can empower ourselves to build a social, just and ecological society!

2| End Coal – at the right time at the right place!

The Rhineland lignite mining area with its 5 dirty power plants and 3 open cast mines is the biggest source of emissions in Europe. Here we can grab evil by its roots: Here we can stop coal exploitation! Take part in the actiondays of Ende Gelände (14. – 16.08.)!

3| Take part in the Degrowth Summer School at the Climate Camp

The degrowth and climate justice summer school is a project following the international Degrowth Conference in Leipzig 2014. Here concrete approaches will be developed to practically and politically implement Degrowth.

4| Don’t trust the authorities nor the COPs: Time to change things yourself!

We take responsibilty to fight for climate justice worldwide. We build up alternative projects and resist against destructive industries. Let’s work together! Together we are struggling against the capitalist and growth based system – System Change not Climate Change!

5| Refugees Welcome!

Storms, droughts and floods which are caused by climate change destroy the livelihood of many people. To fight against climate change also means to fight for the good life and in solidarity with the affected. For a world where people can decide freely where to go or stay!

As regards to risks and courses of action, ask your affinity- or local political group!


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