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RTF joins No-TAV struggle in Susa Valley motorway occupation

Just one day after the violent eviction of the motorway blockade on Wednesday 80 RTF activists joined the No-TAV movement to re-occupying the motorway in Susa valley. While about 2000 people blocked the motorway close to the exit of Chianocco another blockade was set up in the higher Susa Valley. At the same time the central station in Turin was occupied and solidarity actions happened in more then 40 other cities all over Italy.


On Wednesday night police violent evicted protesters with tear-gas and water-canons. The following day the no-tav movement called for a public assembly at 6 pm at the central square in Bussoleno. The speakers reminded the audience of Luca, who still is in coma after police violence and Frederico who was arrested on Wednesday. One common message within all the speeches was the sense of unity within the movement against the TAV. The resistance in Susa valley is extremly popular, with people of all ages participating in the struggle over the last twenty years.  After various inspiring speeches the crowd moved slowly in direction to the motorway.


When the crowd reached the motorway they pulled down the fences and stopped the traffic. Barricades were constructed from debris and the fire-hydrants were turned into water cannons for self defence. Several construction machines were short-circuited and integrated into the barricades. Fires were lit and a band of international musicians from the Reclaim The Fields constellation played revolutionary songs on the motorway.


After three hours most of the crowd left in order to concentrate forces on the blockade in the upper part of the Susa Valley and prepare for further actions.


Anyway – the answer was clear:


You might evict us but we are coming back! Not just in Susa Valley but everywhere in Italy!


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