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Reclaim the Fields Bulletin n°9

Download Bulletin n°9 from the Reclaim the Fields constellation:

  • news of the constellation: the assemblies and the meetings followed one another this year on various scales: European, German-speaking, and British
  • news of places linked to RtF (Can Piella, the farm of Yorkley Court), of projects and dynamics (SoLila, Nyeleni, the french farms network)
  • reflections on topics which interest us and which are discussed in the network: relationship with animals, place of women in a period when Spain questions the right to abortion, and peasant agroecology; or which are discussed somewhere else but which resonated with us, such as the declaration on the youth of Nyeleni
  • and a surprise: a RtF flyer you can reproduce, spread widely and hand out when someone asks you: “… but actually, what is RtF?”

Read in English here.

More languages coming soon.

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