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a RTF’s decade : Questionning ourselves and Collecting RTF archives

Hello dear stars,
Reclaim the Fields has quietly passed the 10 years of lifetime. Some of us think this a good opportunity to make feedback on the past years, to see the prospects for the future, to connect old and new stars, to reunite or meet each other.

Questionning ourselves

We are preparing a time dedicated to the 10 or 11 years at the next European RTF meetings.
We have therefore prepared questionnaires!

The more people answering to it, better it is!
Please, make it fill around you (e.g on your place or project,..), make it circulate. And if your participation in RtF is just to be registered on the mailing lists, we also are interested in your opinion, don’t hesitate!

Collecting archives

Another way to celebrate and think about the first 10 years of RtF is the collection of archives :

we are actively looking for posters, leaflets, flyers, photos, reports, articles about the constellation and its local groups!!

Thanks to everybody’s participation !

for any questions, comments, or proposal :

send a mail to contactrtf(at) and put ’11 year’ in the subject

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