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Call to land occupation! – 17th of April, 2012 in Vienna – International Day of Peasant´s Struggle

Lets use the 17th of April, the International Day of Peasant´s Struggle, to create a sustainable and socially responsible urban agriculture in Vienna.

We want to use this day to discuss locally as well as globally the problems with access to land, as well as accessing and occupying land in Vienna.

We have come to stay!


In this spirit, our actions become part of the global and local struggles for land and of the many occupations and other actions that happen each year on the 17th of April around the world.


Much of the agricultural land in Vienna is victim to housing speculation. This is especially the case in Donaufeld, an area near the Danube, where fertile land waits to be destroyed for its economical worth as building land. Each day in Austria 15-20 hectares of agricultural land is irreversibly lost to settlement and transportation areas. This is not only an enormous problem for our food and agricultural system, but also for global warming, due to the loss of land which stores carbon dioxide.


Many western European cities, as well as other cities around the world, are dependent on an immense infrastructure for the production and transportation of their food. We want to contribute to a vitally important alternative. We want cities which do not continue to grow denser and bigger, but which rather can supply much of its own food consumption. And this in front of our own homes, in social interaction with the producers and in interaction with nature itself.


We want to collectively revitalize and cultivate land. But the only acceptable way in Austria to gain access to agricultural land is with capital. In other regions around the world, alternative means are being effectively implemented, like the land occupation movement MST in Brazil, or occupied and cultivated areas in France and England, where future planned airports are being hold off.


We want to cultivate our own food together and with each other, to sustain our friends, family and neighbors. In addition to growing vegetables, we want there to be enough space for sharing dissident thoughts and ideas, as well as stories of courage. We also want to use the land for holding different types of workshops, for organizing regular Volxküchen (soup kitchens), and for creating a worthy city living with the children from a nearby school. We want to provide a social space, surrounded by delicious fruits, vegetables and grains.


It is also important that the children´s ideas, dreams and wishes are being heard and seen in our society. Therefor we want to actively create a space for and with the help of children.

A children’s program awaits!




!!!Come one, come all, bring friends, children, seeds, food, tools … bring ideas, workshops, discussions and make music, theater, juggling and everything else you can think of!!!


Tuesday, the 17th of April, from 11:00 on

Gerasdorferstrasse 105, Vienna

We demand…

  • Land for people who wish to cultivate it

  • food, seed and land sovereignty

  • the right to have a cooperative, collective, autonomous, needs-oriented, peasant and small scale food production in the city and country

  • the immediate stop of urban density at the cost of self-determined spaces

  • more gardens, more social spaces, more bikes, and more room for us!




We need (more)…



Seeds and Seedlings

Gardening-Tools (Hoes, Spades, Rakes, Pitchforks, Showels, Axes, ….)

First-Aid Packages/Bandagestuff/Medicin

Tools (Hammers, Knifes, Pliers, Cordless Screwdriver….)


Building Material (Latches, Panels, Bars, Screws, Nails, …)

Clay and straw to build houses

Cars and Lastenräder

Banner-Material (Paint, Fabric, Canvas, String, ….)

Stage and Stagematerial

Flyers and Infoamterial of your projects

Laptps, Printers, Internet-Stick

Writing Stuff (Scisscors, Pens, Paper, Glue, Poters, …)

Sleeping-Stuff (Sleepingbags, Sleepingmatts, Tents, Blankets, …)

Tarps and Fabric in all sizes

Srings and Ropes

Hamocks and chillout materials


Experience with Technics/Electricity

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