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Call for transnational actions for „Save Roşia Montană“

As we agreed at the RTF-camp, we would like to organize a coordinated transnational action day for supporting the struggle in Rosia Montana, on the 1st of December. We ask you to join in the action in your cities and towns.

We propose the 1st of December because it’s the Romanian national holiday, with probablylots of actions happening in Romania, too. The last actions here (symbolic expropriations of different public buildings) were pretty successful and since a lot of public attention is on the mine right now, the parliament still hasn’t discussed about the new expropriation law.

So please meet in your local groups and communities and prepare for an action in solidarity with „Save Rosia Montana“! Also people who were not at the RTF-Camp can participate in the organization, of course!

Do whatever action you think will be possible to organize in your community to help the struggle against the gold extraction and the expropriation law in Rosa Montana.Toghether our actions will be more powerfull.

  • Make expropiation actions and take pictures of it!
  • Let the Romanian embassy know!
  • Put up a public information evening!
  • Bring the matter into international and local media!
  • Make your own media!

In Vienna there’s a group of RTF-activists who will organize a creative action with ‚expropiation‘, theatre, samba music and dance in front of the Romanian embassy and also a smaller expropiation action in front of Gusenbauer’s house (former Austrian primeminister, board member of Gabriel Resources!). In the evening they will have a public information evening about the global dimension of gold mining, the struggle in Rosia Montana, the implications of the new law and the environmental impact of cyanide.


Please let us know if you are doing an action so that we can connect the events and draw the media attention to the fact that protest is happening internationally.


Please letus know if you are doing an action so that we can connect the events and draw the media attention to the fact that protest is happening internationally. Write to: You can use the following name in public to announce the actions: International Solidarity Campaign for ‚Save Rosia Montana‘ (we suggest using it, if you agree)


Monday,  7th November 2011, in Cluj Napoca, Romania – took place the protest for Rosia Montana “Occupy Conti with Rosia Montana – PreOccupy Cluj”. 6 activists from the Save Rosia Montana Campaign occupied the building of the former Continental Hotel, from the Union Square, in Cluj Napoca. The protest lasted for 7 hours. During this time the activists posted large banners with message in support of the Save Rosia Montana Campaign: “The Revolution Starts in Rosia Montana”, “STOP RMGC”, “Occupy Conti with Rosia Montana”,“Resistance is fertile”.


The 6 activists were evacuated by the police, after a few attempts to enter the building, in the applauses and the admiration of over 100 supporters that gathered spontaneous in front of the building. This protest inspired so much the Romanians to take action, that since Monday each evening several flashmobs happen with the participation of hundreds of people! The actions spread in about 5 cities.


Photos, videos from the Occupy action:

And from what followed the action:

We gathered some information material that you could use for the action:

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