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Reclaim the Fields and Actioncamp 2014 in Germany

IMG_8945159th. – 13th. of July 2014 in Sehlis/ Taucha near Leipzig/ Germany


Together with you we want to organize a diverse and resistant Camp against the B87n, a new highway, that is supposed to be built through one of the last remaining pieces of intact landscape in the north of Saxony. On top, the highway is supposed to cut through the fields of the cooperative “Rote Beete”, one of the three projects of community-supported-agriculture in Saxony. The Camp means to underline the longlasting local resistance against the B87n.

But it is not all just about one more highway. Instead, it is all about the use and the price of ever-more concrete, ever-faster cars, ever-more use of energy and ever-more effectivness and profit.

Thatswhy the camp will deal in general with anticapitalist and antiauthoritarian themes, as well as with emancipative alternatives to the capitalist system. The D.I.Y.- Camp will live on your ideas and contributions!!

We aspire a wide range of workshops, talks, skill sharing, knowledge exchange and public actions. And we want you to get involved!! Please come and bring your inputs!

That could be about: – smallscale and selfmade food production – seedproduction – access to land and right for land – exploitation vs. protection of diversity and nature – community supported agriculture; collectivism – collective lifestyles – D.I.Y. and anticapitalist solutions for everyday life

As well: theater plays, practical natural protection measures, bike actions… and whatever you feel like!

Share your skills, share your knowledge, share you communal and political practice! Use the camp for exchange and networking on your idea(l)s!

Furthermore, we are also looking for contributions to the “cultural programm” of the camp.

Please bring in your creative, utopistic, artistic and funny shares and contribute as a musician, group, artist, player, writer…

For more information see:

and furthermore:

If possible, please give a feedback untill June 10th. for your contributions. There will also be a open timetable for spontaneous contributions. Please forward this callout to your friends and neighbours.

applications and further contact:

We see forwards to you and your ideas, thoughts, issues and dreams for a better world!

See you at the Reclaim the Fields and Actioncamp 2014 in Sehlis!

Your campteam

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